One of life’s great miracles is the beautiful experience of childbirth; unfortunately for many new mothers, they are left with belly flab that makes them feel less attractive. But no worries this is not something that cannot be fixed, you will be able to get rid of belly fat. Just follow some of the suggestions we have for helping you tackle that after pregnancy bulge of the belly.

This is a time in which many new mothers suffer from postpartum depression; which can be accelerated due to the fact that they no longer have the nice flat belly they had before pregnancy. Well new mothers there is no need to despair any further for help has arrived in the form of body wraps accompanied by an after pregnancy exercise routine. Make sure you get the thumbs up from your doctor before starting any exercise program.

Body Wraps and Exercise:

Body wraps have been around for thousands of years they are not something new in fact they are very common in many different cultures. They are found in many different countries across the world such as Japan, France, and India just to name a couple.

The practice has just recently become popular in North America. People from all types of back grounds are using these from the common house wife to celebrities and everyone in between. Celebrities such as Gwyneth Paltrow and Jessica Alba openly admit to their use of these products in helping them get back their great pre-pregnancy figures.

Celebrity “Brooke Burke” loved the product so much she designed her own in which she named “Tauts”. Brooke won the disco-ball trophy on “Dancing with Stars” five months after she had given birth to her fourth child; she was in the best shape of her life!

Belt and Corset Options:

Concentrate on two areas those being the hips and the midsection.

There is different design options some corsets for example also come with a back splinter for added back support.
Belt options are wrapped around the midsection held together with Velcro straps. Make sure you select the option that you will feel most comfortable with.

Choosing a suitable after pregnancy exercise to accompany your wrap will make your success of ridding yourself of that flabby belly more successful.

  • Try and include going for a walk with your new baby in the stroller getting you both outside and into the fresh air.
  • This is something that will help you on the road to getting rid of the belly fat but it will also be time that you can enjoy with your new bundle of joy.

This is something I refer to as hidden exercise as we are doing something we love to do but are getting exercise at the same time.

Many of us are not fond of working out but if you can incorporate something like going for a walk with your baby into being part of your exercise program it will be a much more pleasurable time. You will be spending some quality time with your baby and bonding with them; while you are also in your wrap getting back in shape, losing weight but most important is that you are feeling and looking like you should be on the cover of a New Mother’s Magazine!

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